London-based studio photographer Christian James is rapidly becoming “one to watch” in the industry, working hard to get where he wants to be and letting nothing stand in his way.
He is currently a mature undergraduate at 'Ravensbourne University London' in North Greenwich, entering his second year of education studying Digital Photography for a BA Hons Degree. 
He has work published in printed and online media in the US and Europe also exhibiting work in a couple of galleries. His aim is not taking pictures, but creating images that communicate with the audience. 
As a member of ‘The Association of Photographers, The Royal Photographic Society, The Societies of Photographers and The International Photography Awards' he constantly strives in keeping up to date with the latest photography news worldwide to keep his work fresh and ahead of competition by creating work that is intellectually compelling and visually exciting.
He is good at working with creative concepts and creative teams and once graduated he plans to further his education by Studying A Master’s Degree at Central Saint Martens whilst pursuing an internship/personal freelance work on the side and one day becoming a Brand Name in the industry.
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